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About Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland provides casual shufflers and passionate dance enthusiasts with comprehensive dance lesson options in Parkland, FL. Our dance studio is a positive atmosphere for dancers of any experience level to learn and perfect their moves with our instructors’ guidance and encouragement. We can help you reach your highest potential on the dance floor. Your progress comes from our expertise and support as we help you navigate the steps to ballroom, swing, and country styles. At our studio, you learn that dance can be an integral tool to fill your free time with joy, love, and happiness. Dancers learn self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-worth, discipline, and how to push themselves to reach their goals and reach higher while inspiring others.

dancing couple from the waist down

How We’re Different From Other Dance Studios

Many dance studios across the nation may teach lackluster dance moves or fall short of providing a fun, engaging environment for students. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland, we emphasize enthusiasm while teaching thrilling moves to dancers at various skill levels for casual fun or competitive needs. Our national expertise and local connection to communities ensure you get impressive dance instructors who cater to Florida’s local residents. The following are examples of how we differ from other dance studios:

  • Our studio is a welcoming, open, and positive environment.
  • You get lessons from high-quality, professional dance teachers who love to teach and share their passion with you.
  • Teaching dance is a way our business creates a positive on people.
  • Dancers get more personalized attention in our dance classes.
  • We offer the finest training, whether you dance professionally or recreationally.
  • Our instructors use choreography, movement, and costuming to uphold dance’s artistic integrity.

We’ll Teach You to Move in Parkland, FL

If you’re looking for a chance to learn to dance or get your groove back, Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland will gladly help. Our instructors have the necessary training, experience, and positivity to teach you one or more of many dance styles, including the cha cha, swing, country, rumba, salsa, and waltz. Your leisure time can be exciting and enriching as you learn to spin, step, sway, and slide to the beat. Let us improve your skills and put a smile on your face, whether you come for social dance lessons, a couples class, or competitive training.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!