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Answers to Parkland, FL’s Dance Questions

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland wants every dancer to feel comfortable when coming to us for lessons. Many people have questions about dancing and how our studio can help, so we’ve answered several of our customers’ most frequently asked questions on this page. If you need more information or have questions differing from the ones below, our team will gladly give you the answers you need to feel confident and start learning to move to the rhythm.

Can I really learn how to dance?

Absolutely. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland, our expert instructors teach dance so that it’s as easy to learn as walking. Our lessons instill the simple basic elements from which you derive the steps. Arthur Murray locations nationwide have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of people to dance, and there is no age limit to add this skill to your collection.

How long will it take for me to dance?

Your course’s length depends on the number of dances you wish to learn and the level of proficiency you want to reach as a dancer. We assure you that you’ll learn how to dance in your first lesson.

How do I start my dance lessons?

It’s easy to start dance lessons. Your first step is to contact us to schedule an introductory lesson. One of our highly trained instructors will determine your current dance level and advise you on which course is appropriate for your proficiency and goals during this first lesson. You can call or email our dance studio to set up your introductory lesson.

Is it difficult to learn how to dance?

Generally, learning to dance is not hard at all, but learning difficulty can vary from person to person. Fortunately, our dance studio is renowned for making dancing lessons fun and easy. During lessons, we teach you four simple basic movements from which you can derive various new combinations and build a routine.

How much do dance lessons cost?

Tuition for dance lessons varies and depends on various factors. For instance, what dances do you want to learn, how good do you want to be, and what is your dance schedule? After an introductory lesson, our instructor recommends a program fitting your needs and goals and will gladly answer all your questions to give you the knowledge to make an educated decision.

When can I start taking dance lessons?

Truthfully, you can schedule dance lessons any time during our studio hours and learn one or more of many dance styles, no matter your skill level. Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland’s instructors teach beginnings with little to no experience on the dance floor and seasoned dancers requiring training for competitive purposes. You can call us to find out our studio hours and schedule lessons.

Will I have a good dance teacher?

We provide the best teachers. All our dance instructors are required to complete an arduous training regimen to prepare them. Every instructor has experience and knowledge about the best techniques to teach today’s popular dances. We select your instructor by whom we know will work best with your personality.

What benefits do I receive for dancing?

Dancing well is a lifetime investment that teaches you poise and confidence while you have fun, improve your personality, and make new friends. Furthermore, dancing is an excellent physical conditioner. Learning to dance opens a new world of togetherness and fills a year-round social calendar.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!