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Learn to Dance All Night With Ballroom Lessons

The grace, elegance, and energy that go into ballroom dancing are all attainable through the lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland. Our Parkland, FL studio teaches ballroom dancing to dancers at all skill levels, including seasoned dance enthusiasts and first-time students with two left feet. You don’t need to worry about trouble with timing or confusion over where to place your feet. We make dance lessons fun and easy with friendly and highly trained instructors guiding you through various moves that build into routines. New and experienced young and old dancers enjoy learning new moves as they sway, spin, and step to exciting music and professional insight and support.


We Cover Various Ballroom Dancing Styles

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland’s instructors cover many dance styles to help you dominate the dance floor. You can cut a rug with class at any social event, including weddings, anniversaries, business events, and even a night out at a nightclub. Ballroom dancing is a great way to get in exercise while having fun and impress your friends, family, and other event attendants. We’ve described the ballroom dances we proudly teach at our dance studio:


Performing this dance takes grace and poise, and we’ll instruct you on the basics and help you build up to more advanced moves. You will rise, fall, and sway to romantic melodies and learn balance and control concepts to master this upscale ballroom classic.

Viennese Waltz

This waltz style differs from the abovementioned style and is a classical dance from the ballrooms in Vienna. We gladly teach this enchanting and exhilarating dance, calling for a more advanced technique while keeping the patterns pure.


Mastering this dance is easy, but it takes effort and practice to grasp the ultimate movement and polish the foxtrot embodies. You’ll feel yourself transform as you master control over the steps, starting during the first lesson.

Quick Step

Accomplished dancers love this speedy, light-hearted dance with its fast steps to energetic music. We can easily teach you the basic moves and build you up to a more impressive routine.

Our Parkland, FL Dance Studio Is Ready to Teach

With ballroom dancing, you can step onto the dance floor and move to a wide array of songs with confidence and poise. Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland will gladly expand your skills and help you navigate the turns, spins, and swaying. You’ll have fun, raise your heart rate, and learn a new way to make an impression at your next social event.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!