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Scoots Your Boots to Your Favorite Country Tunes

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland’s professional instructors proudly teach this dance style to dancers in and around Parkland, FL. Country dances are a fun way to be social and meet new people while making the most of your favorite country classics and new musical innovations in this genre. We can guide you through the steps of new dance styles and dance floor favorites, letting you boot, scoot, and boogie to the beat. You might want to learn country dances for an upcoming event, like a wedding or live music event, or you may wish to switch up your current dance methods. Our friendly and highly trained instructors will gladly get you ready to cut a rug by ensuring you understand all the steps and leading lessons at a comfortable pace. We teach dancers at any experience level to move their feet, arms, shoulders, and hips to country beats.

people in boots dancing

Trust Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland

Anyone can learn to dance and enjoy the rising, falling, and drive of country music’s old standby tunes and the latest twangy, energetic favorites. Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland understands how vibrant country dancing is with its slow and fast movements. We’ll gladly help young adult novices and seasoned dance floor seniors master country dance music and feel confident at their favorite bars, clubs, and social events. Dressing casually is another compelling perk of country dancing. You can show off your moves and impress onlookers and fellow dancers in jeans and cowboy boots. However, you can also square and line dance in your Sunday best with a partner or on your own. Our dance studio offers fun, easy, and socially enriching lessons for the following dances:

  • Two-Step
  • Country Swing
  • Country Waltz
  • Country Cha Cha
  • Country Shuffle (aka Three-Step)

Country Dancing’s Benefits to Parkland, FL Dancers

Country dancing is like many other dance methods because you can gain much more than a sense of rhythm while you’re on the dance floor. You can change your routine by incorporating previous dance styles with tweaks to your movements. This dance style can also help you make new friends who share common interests and have a blast getting in regular exercise. Our instructors help you enjoy learning to dance and get comfortable with new steps and twists. Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland makes lessons thrilling with easy-to-learn dance basics and routines using the country music industry’s modern hits and timeless classics. Finally, you’ll get to take the steps you learn to a honky-tonk, family wedding, and any other social event and tear up the dance floor.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!