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Help Your Children Learn to Cut a Rug With Style

For over 100 years, Arthur Murray has taught people around the world to dance, and Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland continues this celebration of notion and music with our kids dance programs. Children in Parkland, FL and surrounding communities who are five years old and up can enjoy learning rhythm, timing, and creative movement. Our programs cover basic dance skills through games, movement, and introducing popular dances like swing, salsa, rumba, waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha cha, and many other options. Children don’t need any previous experience to participate. We teach one-on-one, personal lessons with an instructor, acting as their teacher and partner, while we customize our lessons to their learning style and goals and adjust to their pace of learning.

Kids Must Be 7 & Up and Lessons Are Private


Benefits of Our Dance Programs for Kids

Children can benefit from dancing lessons in many mental, physical, and social ways. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland, we proudly offer our kids dance programs to ensure parents can give their little tykes an outlet for their energy where they can have fun, get exercise, and develop new skills. The following are examples of benefits children enjoy from dance:

Better Physical Health

Kids can feel motivated to stay active by developing a love of dance early. This activity is an excellent form of exercise that improves children’s range of motion, flexibility, stamina, and physical strength.

Improved Emotional Development

Dancing teaches children to express themselves in ways that are beneficial to their mental and physical health. Kids get a structured outlet to release their physical and emotional stress and develop emotional maturity.

Encouragement to Socialize

Children spend dance classes working as a team, helping them develop their sense of trust and cooperation while making new friends. During each class, children interact with each other and build friendships.

Enhanced Creativity

Any dance style encourages children’s creativity and to express themselves. Encouraging imagination and creativity helps them learn how to think critically and build trust and effective relationships.

Better Cognitive Development

Enrolling your children in dance programs lets them develop time management and self-discipline. Dancers must master balancing their social lives, extracurricular activities, and school. Furthermore, the focus, discipline, and dedication they learn transfer to other life aspects, such as work and school.

Help Your Child Develop While Having Fun

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland is ready to help your child become better people through dancing and the many skills they develop. Our kids dance program’s benefits can improve your child’s life in other areas, and they have fun and socialize with other dancers to build a happier, healthier physical, mental, and social life.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!