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Learn to Step, Sway, and Spin in Parkland, FL

Many people avoid the dance floor and choose to sit on the sidelines at weddings, nightclubs, and other events. However, you can become a social dancer by getting off that folding chair and mingling with help from Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland. Our social dance lessons in Parkland, FL are the perfect way to show your moves while on vacation, at a dance studio, or roaming the clubs on a Saturday night. We can teach you to move and groove to various dance styles and open yourself to stand out on any dance floor, no matter what music is playing. Let us get your feet, arms, shoulders, and hips moving to the beat. You can make new friends, impress your date, or show up your siblings every time a sound system pumps out music.

learning salsa dancing

Social Dance Lessons for Various Dance Styles

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland specializes in teaching dance to learners at any age or skill level. Our social dance lessons cover a broad range of musical and dance styles to ensure you’re ready to impress bystanders whenever a rhythmic tune comes on, and the lights hit the dance floor. You can expect positive, knowledgeable guidance and support from our friendly instructors during every lesson. With our help, you can dominate fast and slow songs with skillful moves and perfect timing. Our collection of dances for social lessons includes the following:

  • Social: Jive, Hustle, and Swing
  • Latin: Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue (the most popular and frequently requested dance styles we teach in Latin)
  • Other Latin Styles: Paso Doble, Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha, Zouk, and Tango

Show Your Stuff at All Social Events

Social events come in many forms and can be formal or casual. With that in mind, dancing is a nearly universal way to celebrate these occasions. If you don’t know how to dance, you miss out on all the fun and social opportunities to connect with and impress other guests. Whether you’re in a suit, dress, jeans, or shorts, you can catch the attention of friends, family, and other people of interest with the right moves. Below are several examples of social events we can prepare you for:


You can be on the dance floor when they play any music and groove with salsa, tango, swing, and bachata dance moves.


Our comprehensive lessons let you move between dance floors and move to a wide array of music.


It’s hard to impress anyone during the Hokey Pokey and chicken dance.

Family Events

You can be the best dancer in your family and make your siblings jealous.

Corporate Events

Dancing can help you make an impression and stand out from your colleagues.

Don’t Wait to Learn How to Dance

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland is ready when you are to teach you dance moves that’ll stun your family, friends, coworkers, and wedding guests. Our instructors work with you to add many dance styles to your arsenal, ensuring you can strut your stuff with confidence, no matter what song plays.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!