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Swing Your Heart Out With Confidence

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland proudly offers Parkland, FL-area residents swing dance lessons to have fun and master the dances that have lit up dance floors for decades. You can trace swing dancing’s roots back to the American Jazz Era that started in the 1920s. Swing dancing includes various unique partner dances, such as east coast swing, boogie-woogie, jive, the Lindy hop, west coast swing, jitterbug, and Carolina shag. Many people imagine spins, flips, and lifts when thinking about wing dancing, but people must learn the basic steps before incorporating these skilled moves into their routines. You can learn these fast-paced partner dances with our instructors’ professional guidance. Instead of moving across the dance floor as you would with ballroom dancing, you perform swing dances in a particular spot, for the most part.

swing dance lessons

Benefits of Taking Up Swing Dancing

People of all ages gain a broad range of benefits from swing dancing. This fun, energetic dance category is immensely social, and your body and brain benefit from learning and performing swing dances. Taking up any of these dances gives you a fun way to stay active and meet new people. Performing swing dancing can help you improve your fitness, balance, rhythm, spatial awareness, and many other abilities. Last but not least, you can elevate your mood and happiness because swing dancing releases endorphins in your brain. Everyone can use a challenge, and Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland covers this essential need with quick steps and thrilling music. Your nights out at the club, weekend wedding receptions, and work parties are perfect opportunities to show off your skills and forge new friends with fellow dancing enthusiasts.

Choose Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Parkland offers genuinely fun and easygoing dance instruction, no matter which dances you want to learn. With swing dancing, our instructors help you master the quick, energetic steps and moves while staying with the beat and letting loose. Our state-of-the-art lessons are a great use of your free time and make physical exercise more enjoyable. Don’t sit on the sidelines at your next social event while others have fun on the dance floor. We can get you ready to cut a rug with confidence whenever a jazzy rhythm starts playing.

Let the Rhythm Get You in & Around Parkland, FL!